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Overview of the project

One third of young people in the EU are at risk of social exclusion. Youth workers are facing the increasing complexity for the youths’ inclusion, because the risks of exclusion arise are multiplying, and they must deal with these challenges in a holistic approach (Kieselbach,2007). Youth work plays an important role in enhancing social inclusion…

Handbook – 21 new non-formal methods

Within the Youth Work 2.0 Project, we have developed 21 new non-formal methods to be used in the activities with young people with and without fewer opportunities jointly to develop social, civic and intercultural competences and to ensure social inclusion at the same time. The non-formal education methods have been created taking into consideration the particularities of each fewer opportunity, so they don’t need to be adapted in order to ensure social inclusion.

A new educational board game for young people with and without fewer opportunities

As part of the Youth Work 2.0 Project we have created an educational board game. Target group: youth workers/ trainersThe game is a tool that can be used by organisations to foster tolerance, eliminate stereotypes and prejudice among young people with and without fewer opportunities and raise awareness on social exclusion and diversity.Anyone who wants to increase […]