Youth work plays an important role in enhancing social inclusion

The aim of the project is to facilitate the exchange of competences and experience between 2 organisations from Romania and Spain to improve their youth work quality, through the professional development of 12 youth workers, to be active agents of inclusion, to fight against discrimination and to foster the development of social, civic, intercultural competences among youths.

And because of that, we want to reach…

  • Youth workers
  • Young people with fewer opportunities experimenting marginalisation
  • Local organisations with experience in social inclusion
  • Local decision makers representing the youth sector
  • Representatives of the education system from universities
  • Freelancer trainers with experience in youth work and social inclusion
  • Young people from Romania and Spain facing economical obstacles

Using non-formal education principles, we well organise…

  • Consultative meetings with experts to identify measures, methods and good practice that the organisation uses to reach marginalised young people and in preventing discrimination and intolerance
  • Non-formal activities to teach the 12 youth workers how to use the produced intellectual outputs
  • Learning workshops, where the 12 youth workers will organize workshops for 240 youths to develop their personal, interpersonal, civic intercultural competences
  • Workshops to fight against discrimination, to eliminate the prejudice and stereotypes between the youths and to develop social, civic and intercultural competences and to develop an action plan what they can do in the community to be active and to participate in the democratic process
  • Support the 240 youths to implement their action plan in the community

The project will develop new measures and methods to…

  • Raise the quality of youth work in the organisation to identify marginalised youth with economical obstacles and understand the facing challenges
  • Improve the youth quality to fight against discrimination and raise the understanding between youth with and without fewer opportunities
  • Create a clear and common framework to be used by the 2 organisations in youth work, to reach the marginalised youth, to raise tolerance and acceptance between the youths with and without fewer opportunities and develop their social, civic and intercultural competences

The 12 youth workers will reach marginalised youth by use accessible means of communication and distribution of information to reach the marginalised youths, ensure the social inclusion of the 120 youths in the big group and develop civic, social and intercultural competences for the youth, to apply their competences.

The project will develop necessary methodology to plan, monitor, implement and evaluate the non-formal education workshops using new innovative instruments. The project will ensure a context where the 240 youths can develop their action plans and will ensure also the premises for the them to participate in an effective and constructive way in social and working life and to fully participate in civic life, based on knowledge of social and political concepts and structures and a commitment to active and democratic participation.

And for all of this, we’ll produce…

During the project, experts from the two organisations will develop 4 intellectual outputs to be used during the project to ensure social inclusion, to develop social, civic and intercultural competences for the 240 youth with and without fewer opportunities and to reach the marginalised youth.

The project will create synergy between the education, VET and Youth sector. The other organisation/youth workers/professors and other stakeholder can use the project results and outputs:


The Research will investigate the existent situation, with the objective of providing real solutions and methods that can be use in real life at European level

E-learning Platform

The E-learning Platform will help the youth workers to correctly plan, implement, monitor and evaluate a learning activity with the young people with and without fewer opportunities jointly.

New Methods

The youth workers need new approaches and methods to foster social, civic and intercultural competences among youth with and without fewer opportunities and ensure social inclusion. These New Methods will help the 12 youth workers to create the workshops by using these methods when they design the activities.

Board Game

The Board Game will be constructed as a multiplier game, where youth with and without fewer opportunities play in team. The aim of the game will be to solve different situations and/or create different scenarios that approach exclusion, diversity, discriminations, tolerance, stereotypes, active participation in the society and democracy in teams.