• Youth Work 2.0 Progress Report

    This report documents the progress made within the project’s first nine months, covering all the activities carried out up until this point and detailing the tasks ahead.

  • Youth Work 2.0 - 21 New Non-formal Methods

    We have developed 21 new non-formal methods to be used in activities with young people with and without fewer opportunities jointly in order to develop social, civic and intercultural competences, ensuring social inclusion at the same time. The non-formal education methods have been created considering the particularities of each fewer opportunity, so they don’t need to be adapted to ensure social inclusion.

  • Youth Work 2.0 – 21 Métodos Español (Spanish)

    Hemos desarrollado 21 nuevos métodos no formales para ser utilizados en actividades con jóvenes con y sin menos oportunidades de manera conjunta, con el fin de desarrollar sus competencias sociales, cívicas e interculturales, asegurando la inclusión social al mismo tiempo. Los métodos de educación no formal se han creado teniendo en cuenta las particularidades de cada menor oportunidad, por lo que no es necesario adaptarlos para garantizar la inclusión social.


    As part of the Youth Work 2.0 Project, we have carried out extensive research in Europe to help youth workers reach marginalised young people with a set of different approaches in order to prevent discrimination and intolerance among young people with and without fewer opportunities.
    This E-book can be used to find and reach marginalised youths as well as to develop measures and actions to create common non-formal or informal activities for youth with and without fewer opportunities jointly, fostering social inclusion and preventing discrimination.