A new educational board game for young people with and without fewer opportunities

As part of the Youth Work 2.0 Project we have created an educational board game. 
Target group: youth workers/ trainers
The game is a tool that can be used by organisations to foster tolerance, eliminate stereotypes and prejudice among young people with and without fewer opportunities and raise awareness on social exclusion and diversity.
Anyone who wants to increase tolerance, promote non-discrimination and ensure social inclusion in their activities can use this board game.
The aim of the game will be to solve different situations and/ or create different situations that approach exclusion, diversity, discrimination, tolerance, stereotypes, actively participating in society and democracy. Participants will have to solve those situations in teams in order to win the game. Using the game, youth workers will help the young people with and without fewer opportunities to get to know each other better, to experience social exclusion and to explore its effects on individuals. Observing different behaviours will make them aware of the different limitations that we as individuals and as a society have, they will share competences and become aware of diversity particularities.
The game will help build trust and improve self-esteem among the young people with and without fewer opportunities; it will also help them develop competences regarding social inclusion, intercultural learning and diversity; teach them how to solve conflicts, increase motivation to actively participate in society and in decision-making, experience challenges and barriers in participation, encourage them to think differently and to improve things in their community; identify ways to be active in the society, understand democracy, be inclusive and tolerant.
The game is adapted for young people with disabilities and with educational difficulties.
The game is available on this website on the Results section.

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