Consultative meetings in Spain and Romania

Sprijin si Dezvoltare Association and Inercia Digital organised four meetings in 2019 in order to identify measures, methods and good practice that the organisations used to reach marginalised young people and to prevent discrimination, racism and intolerance.
The meetings were attended by young people with fewer opportunities experimenting marginalisation, local organisations with experience in social inclusion, decision makers representing the Youth sector, representatives of the education system, and trainers with experience in youth work and social inclusion.
During the meeting we have discussed and identified:

  • Accessible means of communication and distribution of information to reach the marginalised youths
  • Measures and activities that was used to prevent marginalisation, social exclusion and discrimination among youth
  • Challenges that youths with fewer opportunities has regarding: accessibility of non-formal activities for: administrative procedures, of information provided by the organisations, web accessibility; participating in activities jointly with and without fewer opportunities; experiencing discrimination and social exclusion.

The consultative meeting reports are available as part of the project’s intellectual outputs, and have been included in an E-book that aims to help the youth workers reach the marginalised youths. You can find the book in the Results section or download it by clicking here.

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