Second transnational meeting of the Youth Work 2.0 project

From 23rd to 24th October 2019, the project partners and coordinators of the Youth Work 2.0 Erasmus+ project met in Huelva to hold the second transnational meeting, hosted by Inercia Digital this time at their headquarters in the Parque Cientifíco y Tecnológico de Huelva.  

The meeting was held in the town of Aljaraque, Huelva, Spain. From Inercia Digital, meeting participants included project coordinator, Susana Corona Cruz and project department manager, Borja Vides Muñoz. Meanwhile, from Sprijin si Dezvoltare Association attending the meeting were Sorina Carmen Vacariu – Project manager and Gabriela Adam – Intellectual output expert. 

During this meeting we evaluated the project, we discussed and debated its efficiency so far, effectiveness and consistency of project implementation and commonly identified a future direction. We have also improved the implementation strategy and establishes the deadlines for the next activities.
The aim of the Youth Work 2.0 project is to facilitate the exchange of competences and experience between 2 organisations from Romania and Spain to improve their youth work quality, through the professional development of 12 youth workers, to be active agents of inclusion, to fight against discrimination and to foster the development of social, civic, intercultural competences among youths.

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